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For over two decades, our brokerage has been the single point of reference for tenants in search of the perfect location. Tenants are our single point of focus – everything we do revolves around you. Our tenant representation services begin by understanding your requirements and utilizing our knowledge of the market, ends with securing the location that offers the most advantages for your current business needs, and those in your future.

Whether your current lease is approaching renewal, your business has outgrown your existing space, you need to downsize or you want to relocate, you can trust that we will present the best available options and negotiate the best possible lease. Our expertise in lease negotiations, real estate acquisition, and dispositions is unsurpassed. When it comes to tenant representation, no other company comes close to our commitment to success or deep understanding of a client’s specific needs.

Representing your Interests

What does it mean when we say we are tenant centric? It means that we are on your side, representing your interests. Signing an agreement to lease space is an important decision which should not be made without an advocate on the tenant’s side using research to find and present the best options.

Personalized service

Lots of companies will tell you they do tenant advisory as part of their package of solutions. With us, you’ll never find packaged solutions. What you will find are real relationships that are the foundation on which we build custom solutions. We only represent tenants, never landord's because tenant representation is what we do.

Outperforming The Marketplace

Our formula for success combines years of experience with strong local market knowledge, and, perhaps most importantly, intimate knowledge of our clients’ needs. The ownership mentality of our brokers maximizes each project’s resources. This ownership culture permeates our company and significantly contributes to our clients’ satisfaction.




“NASA’s Solar Sail Space Craft needed a 11,000sf industrial facility to be rectangular in shape, football field in length and half a football field in width. As you can imagine such a facility is a difficult find. After spending over 6 months with another brokerage firm, we decided to have Large Warehouse Space help locate the facility, which took Large Warehouse Space only 2 weeks to identify. Large Warehouse Space was able to do what no other firm could do. They were able to quickly identify properties according to our strict parameters. We would highly recommend their service to other Defense and Aerospace contractors seeking commercial space.”

David R. Ellis-Anwyl, Procuring Manager, NASA Solar Sail Project – L’Garde



“Hitachi required a Ion Accelerator test facility. As you can imagine, Ion particle accelerators require a lot of power and Large Warehouse Space was able to quickly and accurately identify industrial properties in our target geographic area that offered the combination of electrical service, sufficient space, secure location and other facility requirements for our test operation. The Large Warehouse Space team lead our negotiations for the property we ultimately decided upon and provided efficient and reliable in managing the lease process from start to finish.”

Marjan Zand – QA Manager – Hitachi - AccSys

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